Designated Drivers Wine Tasting in Temecula & San Diego Areas

Here in Temecula, we have designated drivers that are trained, able and ready to drive you to some the best wineries in the area. Temecula is a beautiful place to spend your time.

There’s no need to rent a limo or take a cab when looking for a way to get to your favorite winery. In fact, when you use our services, you’ll be greeted by a friendly, warm, knowledgeable designated driver.

We look forward to serving you soon. Enjoy the scenery, as we drive you through the countryside. You will appreciate the complementary water we provide to keep you hydrated.

A designated driver will soon be chauffeuring you between wineries in your own vehicle.

Temecula is located in the valley and hills of Southern California. This enchanted land is served by the most professional, timely, well informed driving service available. Located close to beaches, mountains and deserts, enjoy being transported to one of the states greatest wine areas. Enjoy wine tasting with one of our professionals.

The City of Temecula has a long and beautiful history! Located between San Diego and Los Angeles, it is a transit point to reach the coastal cities of S. CA.

Our rates are $35 per hour for up to 5 people per vehicle with a 3 hour minimum. 6 to 10 people per vehicle is $45 per hour cash or credit. You can extend the time with your driver for as long as you want. We can take you to dinner and safely return you to your accommodations.