Designated Drivers in Orange County and LA

Orange County designated drivers are eagerly awaiting your call. We also serve Los Angeles with our designated driving service. In the comfort of your  backseat, you can be driven through Orange, Long Beach, Newport, Huntington Beach and even Belmont Shores in your own vehicle. Be safe and truly live free when you ride with our professional designated driving service that drives your vehicle.

We drive YOUR car, so you don’t have to.

Designated drivers of orange county

Enjoying the scenery of Orange County is much easier when you have your own personal chauffeur and concierge.

Need a night out? Go ahead, let loose. You deserve it! We’ll be there waiting for you when the party is over. We will drive you and your friends home to assure you arrive without harm to yourself or someone else. This is what we do, we give you a piece of mind knowing that you can party like a “Rock Star” and not suffer the consequence of what could possibly happen next.

Our service is available for impromptu callers, such as a bartender who calls for a customer who made it to the bar but shouldn’t drive himself home. Bar owners can give us a call for the service to their customers, as well.  This is a proven life saving counter measure for alcohol impaired driving.

We serve the general public, we can set up service for the clients of a specific bar or restaurant and we are also available for local events i.e. concerts, sports events, beer tasting events and wine tasting.

We protect you from receiving an expensive, embarrassing DUI. There is the possibility that we are saving your life and that of the other drivers and pedestrians on the street. Our service is smart. It’s the right thing to do. It makes your night that much more enjoyable because you don’t have to worry about how you are going to get home or coming back the next day to get your car. We will keep you from getting out of your vehicle to take that embarrassing walk, the breathalyzer test or touching your finger to your nose. That way, motorists will not stop and stare at you.

Are drivers are prompt, polite, friendly, respectful, and above all, honest. The safety and confidence of our clients is always our top priority.


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