Designated Drivers in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, as seen from your backseat.

Why wait to get a designated driver? Relax and be driven throughout Santa Cruz in your own vehicle!

Kayaking, scuba diving, surfing and beach activities are to be enjoyed along the coast. Hire a personal designated driver to chauffeur you today. Enjoying the spectacular coastline is just one of the many adventures you may want to embark upon. Our designated drivers free your hands from the wheel, allowing your eyes to take in the landscape.

Enjoy beautiful beaches, shops and restaurants. We’ll be at your car, as your designated driver, with water in hand, waiting to bring you to your next destination when you return.

Be scooted about in the ease of your backseat along the scenic beauty. There’s never a need to flag a cab or rent a limousine. When you drive with us, you’ll be met with smiles, and driven by a professional driver.

Our designated drivers are excited to drive you soon.

Call us today at (805) 423-3176, or book your drive by filling out the form below.

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